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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Genomic Testing

There are several different ways doctors can test for genetic mutations, but a biopsy of the tumor will be collected and sent to a lab for analysis. Various methods are used to detect mutations, or abnormalities in the DNA of the cancerous cells. Some tests are comprehensive but may be more expensive and take longer for results. Talk with your doctor to see which type of genomic testing is right for you.

Clinical trials give cancer patients early access to novel treatments and targeted therapies that are being evaluated for approval by the FDA. There are also clinical trials available for patients who have not been tested for gene mutations. Massive Bio recommends all patients to receive genomic test to learn as much about their prognosis that they can.
Once you receive your match results, an oncology case manager will call you to discuss your options and decide if a trial is right for your case. Massive Bio would never advocate for you to enroll into a trial if it did not have the chance to benefit your specific cancer case. Once a trial is chosen, our team will handle all logistics and facilitate enrollment until the process is completed and the patient is enrolled.