Advanced  Clinical Trial Matching System

The advanced clinical trial search tool is your next step in finding the best treatment for you. We know that finding an oncology clinical trial is complicated and time consuming. Our search tool will help simplify the process. The search tool uses Massive Bio’s Artificial-Intelligence learning technology to sort through thousands of clinical trials and find the one that best fits your cancer case. The technology reviews your geographical location, your cancer type, stage of disease, and more.

This service is free for all cancer patients to review clinical trial matches. After you submit your information, a patient advocate will contact you to discuss the details of your clinical trial matches, to be sure you find what is best for your individual case.

Virtual Tumor Board

Do you need a second opinion? Get a Virtual Tumor Board (VTB) today, comprised of 3 or more physicians that gather and review your medical history and cancer case, including a review by a molecular specialist. These physicians offer you an unbiased, expert analysis recommendations for your cancer treatment.

Along with getting expert recommendations from physicians on your case, the Virtual Tumor Board also works hand in hand with our SYNERGY Artificial Intelligence platform, to ensure that the latest updated information is involved in your case review. We are dedicated to making sure you get the most educated, evidence-based analysis and recommendation for your cancer case.

Although it is a Virtual Tumor Board, you will still get that end-to-end support from a patient advocate, who is typically an oncology nurse.